New Designees

Congratulations on earning the CPCU® designation

Discover all of the invaluable benefits now available to you through your membership with the CPCU Society, including more than $2,000 worth of technical education resources, engagement with your local chapter and much more. 

New Designees of 2019
(Designation awarded between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019)

  • Cody Allen SFM Insurance
  • Jennifer Anderson Nationwide Agribusiness
  • Daniel Behrens Farm Bureau Finan.Svcs Employe
  • Jason Bishop Nationwide
  • Tonya Boos Farm Bureau Finan.Svcs Employe
  • Jonathan Brienza EMC Insurance Companies
  • Mary Calmer Farm Bureau Finan.Svcs Employe
  • Jacob Clark Grinnell Mutual Group
  • Jeffrey A Craig Holmes Murphy & Associates LLC
  • Tyler Guard IMT Insurance Company
  • Jean Harbeck Nationwide
  • Rebecca Hulse Farm Bureau Finan.Svcs Employe
  • Shay Kaufmann Nationwide
  • Andrea D. Kirk Berkley Agribusiness Risk Spec
  • Brian Knoll Farmers Mutual Hail Ins Co
  • Erin Kozitza Nationwide
  • Will Mccann EMC Insurance Companies
  • Brett Miller IMT Insurance Company
  • Lisa Nichol Nationwide
  • Matthew Pierick Farm Bureau Finan.Svcs Employe
  • Shannon Renze Grinnell Mutual Group
  • Zack Rohrbeck IMT Insurance Company
  • Justin Scharf EMC Insurance Companies
  • Mitch Schnoes IMT Insurance Company
  • Casie Smith Grinnell Mutual Group
  • Lucreia Smith EMC Insurance Companies
  • Adam Stuchel EMC Insurance Companies
  • Colin Studer Nationwide Agribusiness
  • Guy Tenold Nationwide